Debt Collector’s Boo-Boo Costs Them $70,000

qimono / Pixabay
Ouch! Here’s one debt collector that probably wishes they’d taken just a little bit more time to check over their work before filing a lawsuit against this lady:

Read the whole article here at The Cook County Record website

According to the article:

The FDCPA limits where debt collectors may file collection lawsuits. Debt collectors may file in the judicial district or similar legal entity where the debtor resides at the time the case is filed or where the debtor signed the contract or agreement that forms the basis for the lawsuit attempting to recover the debt.

The judge in this case ruled this firm was out of order. The judgment for attorney costs and costs paid by the defendant were in excess of $70K. Somewhere in the story we noticed that the firm was on its way to winding down its operations. Not sure if that was decided before this judgment or afterwards.

Bottomline: Debt collectors need to follow the law. All laws. And, you the consumer, need to educate yourself as to that same law. It applies to everyone. Knowing the law is your best defense to protect yourself and your hard-earned money.